Welcome! I am a psychology and neuroscience researcher, a musician, Associate Professor of Creativity and Creative Practice at Northeastern University, and Director of the Music, Imaging, and Neural Dynamics Laboratory (MIND Lab).

Research in my lab aims to understand the networks of brain structure and function that enable musical processes: auditory and multisensory perception, learning and memory of sound structure, sound production, and the human aesthetic and emotional response to sensory stimuli. Tools for this research include electrophysiology, structural and functional neuroimaging, noninvasive brain stimulation, and psychophysical and cognitive experiments as motivated by the following questions:

    1. How do humans perceive and produce music?

    2. How do expectations develop?

    3. How do structural and functional connectivity in the brain enable perception and action?

    4. How can music be used to understand the brain and to help people with neurological and psychiatric disorders?

Check out my CV, papers, Google Scholar page, a few musical performances, and other fun links. Some of my favorite photos are here.